Thursday, May 29, 2014

Finally... Gonna Tri

I have officially registered for the Beach Blast sprint triathlon September 13th in Mexico Beach.
The race is .40 mile swim, 15 mile bike - followed by 3.1 mile run.
I have wanted to complete a sprint triathlon for quite awhile now,
 and finally I have gotten a good start on my training.

I found a way to get in my swim training - Gulf Swim & Wellness has saline-chlorination system for their pool, and they give lessons. I signed up for a private lesson and then monthly pass for open swim sessions. After my lesson, I have been practicing --- I am starting to feel more confident about the swim leg of the race.

Online I found a 12week plan to treating for a sprint distance triathlon. This Sunday is the 1st of June, I am using this as my training start date. Only 107 days to go...

Monday, December 02, 2013

Healthy again...

I am amazed how time flies by - the summer of 2012 I spent recovering from broken foot and wrist.  The doctor finally approved me for running in December of 2012. A year later and I am ready to take on the "Biggest Loser" 5k on the 29th at PCB Pier Park. My trusty bike is ready to go again.  My Christmas wishlist includes a new hi-vis convertible vest/jacket -- my current one has a sleeve zipper that is broken. The winters here are not bad - but I like the option of changing to a jacket for the after work ride since it gets so dark so early, having a little more reflective material helps my confidence.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Still healing...

Today's doctor visit was very positive. In 4 days (Friday) the external fixator will be removed from my wrist. Hallelujah! I will need to wear a Velcro brace for couple weeks as reinforcement but the bone itself appears to have healed sufficiently. The foot is not completely set so the airboot will stay on couple more weeks as well. The process has turned a corner at last. Only 6 weeks have passed since my injury but it seems much longer. I realize now just how active a person I was becoming - not being able to walk, run, ride or even workout really affected my 'psyche".

I have been very lax on my diet --pretty much junking out and bummed, the pity party is over. Very soon I will be able to start back on the bike and low-impact stuff -- i may have lost the summer season but that's ok - cuz Fall/Winter is the best time in Florida.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Everything changes...

Saturday morning was to be my first trail run -- however I have been totally sidelined. I currently have a "jones" fracture in my left foot and a split in the radius of my right wrist. The previous Saturday as I was untying canoe from our vehicle, I managed to slip and break my foot and my wrist. I had never broken a bone before, this was a new level of pain for me. Thus, my vacation ended with a thud. I have had my first ambulance ride now. The foot fracture will heal with the use of an "airboot", a bracing boot with inflatable sections to provide stable and support for the foot. The expected healing time is 4-6 weeks. The wrist required surgery as the break of the radius bone was causing the bone to pull away from the wrist. The orthopedic surgeon attached an 'external fixator' to the wrist. This device is intended to draw the bones together. The expected timeline is also 4-6 weeks for the wrist. Being down this long means my fitness training will have to start all over. If all goes well with the healing of my bones I can start fitness training again beginning in August. Running will be out of the question for a good while. Pounding of the pavement could easily lead to a re-injury. I am thinking cycling and swimming combined with resistance training will the best for getting me into shape again. The hardest part of healing so far has been psychological. I find myself teetering on depression... this could be the pain talking or not - either way I have got to find a way to keep it together.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Paws in the Park --- Revisited

The first race with my dog partner was the Paws in the Park 5k in Port St Joe in August 2011. This was a tough event for us, the temperature and humidity was brutal! I am all for supporting Gulf County Humane society but... why is the race in August? There is a Bow Wow Bash in October that sounds like fun -- the race should be in October too ... I bet the event gets more participants. I cannot remember our race time but I do remember I walked a LOT! The heat was too much for me and I was really worried about Cherokee. We usually run much earlier in the day and I wasn't sure how he would handle running so much later. Overall, I think he did well -- the next race we did was the St Patrick's day Run with the Dogs in Destin, FL,  what a difference here... the Destin race was huge with bunches of dogs! March is much better than August in Florida for running anyway :-)  The sheer number of dogs was almost overwhelming for Cherokee but he got it together as the race got under way. Our time was pitiful, but that's OK, too. It was a fun day and Cherokee was very happy to play.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Thoughts on training and more

Having decided to participate in a 6k trail run at the end of the month, I realized the need to ramp up the training for me & my dog partner. I am planning to use the Galloway method of run/walk especially since this will be the end of June in Florida (uh, it's HOT! here) I like to run with music but several times now during the actual races I have had 'technical' issues with either earbuds, mp3 player or dead batteries (which really sucks after creating a brand new playlist). I think I run better (perhaps this is a delusion) when listening to music. Eventually, I hope my running technique develops to the point that I could maintain a good steady pace on my own... so where is the rambling leading? I don't know, yet...

Few days ago I saw this picture of the "modern marathoner" -- sure hope this not me. :-)

Last month I bought a belt to hold a couple small water bottles and this works pretty well in helping to stay hydrated while running in the brutal Florida humidity. I also enjoy my Garmin forerunner and mp3 player --- uh oh maybe I am getting too many gadgets...ok I am drawing the line now --- no more gadgets! (except my dog bowl, dog baggies, leash and phone -- all fits in the belt with water bottles)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Next race...?

Trying to decide what will be my next race, only a few dog-friendly races in our area --- I think my next race may have to be solo. Cherokee is a decent running partner, he is patiently waiting for me to get faster. :-)


I have found it! Our next race is...
the Anchors Away 6k trail run at Conservation park in Panama City Beach on June 23rd. I called the event organizer and asked if the dog could run with me and they said OK!
So... now we have a goal -- only 3 weeks away. A 6k is 3.728 miles and we average the 3 mile distance pretty consistently (just not quickly yet) -- we will pick it up a little on our morning runs until race day. I know Cherokee will love the trail as the asphalt of the city streets can be hard on his paws. The last race had a couple
segments with some really rough street surfaces, I worried about this and tried to keep him on the grass as much as possible. He 'heels' on the right always so I will run closer to the edge when the asphalt gets 'ugly' if there is not too much debris on the edges of the road. I have discovered the streets can be dangerous places on foot and on the bike. The sheer volume of glass and trash can cause havoc on bike tires, running shoes and pup paws. Amazing what people throw out onto the road... but that's a topic for another day.